Who Was In Both Veep and The League?

Matt Walsh was in both Veep and The League. Obviously this means that Mike McLintock had another life before he got into politics. He was an ordinary suburban dad who liked grilling and fishing and watched baseball, but then his son became known as the Oracle in The League S1E1 and everything changed. He was torn between his jealousy at being overshadowed by his son and his twofold desire for his son to be successful and to make money off this skill. The constant internal struggle eventually ripped him in half and he went on a bizarre spree inside a Wholefoods shoving every single stalk of Asparagus into his butt and running around the store screaming (for some reason) “ARUGULA ARUGULA ARUGULA.” When he left the psychiatric hospital, Mike had found a new zen approach to life through which he can take whatever life presents to him with peace and understanding. With his newfound power, Mike went into the most stressful job in the world (for a normal person): Selena Meyer’s press secretary.