Who Was In Both The Office and Silicon Valley?

Chris Diamantopoulos was in both The Office and Silicon Valley. Obviously this means that after he had such a long career operating the boom mic for the Dunder Mifflin documentary, Brian had cash in his hand and a desire to do something with it. He looked around his apartment and saw two things: a boom mic he had stolen from the documentary company and a computer. That’s when it hit him. What if you could put sounds on the internet? Brian decided to go by his middle name, Russ, and invested heavily in putting radio onto the internet. With the money from his genius idea, he dedicated himself to two things: 1. he started an investment firm to help other people with awesome ideas make money off them, and 2. he hired the band Trapt to be his in house band that plays every time he gets out of bed or brings a girl home (that’s why you haven’t heard from them in a while).