Who Was In Both The League and The Fast & The Furious?

Noel Gugliemi was in both The League and The Fast & The Furious. Obviously this means that because Hector couldn’t pronounce his name, he thought he couldn’t be charged with any crimes, since you need to know someone’s name to put them into the system. He went on a liquor store robbing spree in The League S1E1 to pay for more Civics and Spoon motors, but got caught when he had to find out the hard way if the cameras were on. In prison, Hector hooked up with several wealthy investors and took Race Wars from a small group of like minded racers to the world class festival it is today. When Letty punched him, though, Hector was seriously brain damaged by her toughness. He left that night and wandered the desert. He has never been seen since. Some people say he died that night, that he was so tortured by his mind’s betrayal and confusion that he drove off a cliff without jumping out of the car at the last second. Others say, though, that if you’re driving alone in the desert in the dark of night and you come to a stop, if you honk three times and go on three, a tuned Civic will race you for old time’s sake.