Who Was In Both Parks and Recreation and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

Todd Grinnell was in both Parks and Recreation and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Obviously this means that Sage was so bent out of shape when he saw that tree viciously murdered and his girlfriend betrayed him by having sex with a suburban tool narc with a Range Rover and a moussed coif that he gave up his life as an environmental activist.  Sage started going by his actual name: Nate, and started working at city hall in Pawnee. He stopped trying to stop developers from destroying the world and changed his priorities so that he was really impressed by someone getting a speed bump lowered.  To this day he still thinks of Asriel from time to time and goes and chains himself to a tree in the Pawnee woods and cries.  He never knows why, but his tears always seem to smell a little bit like Patchouli.