Who Was In Both New Girl and Beauty and the Beast?

Josh Gad was in both New Girl and Beauty and the Beast. Obviously this means that Bear Claw fell at work due to Nick and Schmidt’s poor safety policies (they tried to get True American to catch on in the bar, an admirable cause but it ended up getting beer spilled in the bathroom and Bearclaw fell because of it).

He opened his eyes to find himself in Rococo era France as LeFou, Gaston’s best friend in the world. It all seemed so familiar to Bearclaw, a huge Beauty and the Beast fan, that he was going to go with it and just live the life. Until, that is, he noticed that Gaston didn’t break a belt by flexing his neck.

The spell was broken and Bearclaw realized the world was all a shenanigan, he wasn’t LeFou and he wasn’t living in a magical world with talking dishes, so he woke up and went back to work.