Who Was In Both How I Met Your Mother and Friends?

Maggie Wheeler was in both How I Met Your Mother and Friends. Obviously this means that after she and Chandler Kiss in Friends S10E15, she realizes her whole life has been a sham and concocts an elaborate plan to get him back. She starts a French restaurant for Americans in Paris name Chez Americano and moves her family there, gets a good reputation, and convinces the Bing family to move to Paris. While there she tricks her husband and Monica into sleeping together not once (by giving Monica the wrong hotel room and taking all the lightbulbs out of the room), not twice (by attending a sexy silent costume party and switching dresses with Monica at the last minute), but three times (by setting up a live marionette style play to promote the restaurant in which all of the participants are controlled by strings from above and unable to stop what’s happening [Sid and Monica don’t actually have sex during this one, but while they are simulating it for the play, both can be seen smiling]). Chandler can no longer believe this was an accident and leaves Monica in Paris, returning to New York. After a few months cool down, Janice sells the restaurant and returns to New York as well, and runs into Chandler “by accident” at an open house in Dowisetrepla. The two are very happy and currently have two children with a third on the way.