Who Was In Both Community and Diablo?

Tristram was in both Community and Diablo. Obviously this means that Tristram Steelhart, the mace wielding holy cleric roleplayed by Hank, Professor Hickey’s son (played by David Cross), was the last remaining grandchild of Deckard Cain (who named him after the town where his parents met). Deckard Cain raised Tristram Steelhart after his father was trapped in a soulstone accidentally (which Deckard always blamed himself for) and his mother died in childbirth because look at the place, there was no medical knowledge in Khanduras. Deckard Cain was killed when Tristram was just a boy and Tristram dedicated himself to avenging his grandfather’s death by killing all of the witch Adria’s followers and bringing fathers and sons back together.