Who Was In Both New Girl and Veep?

Nelson Franklin was in both New Girl and Veep. Obviously this means that Robby was so destroyed by Jess’ rejection that he no longer valued himself in any way as a human being. He sought out fulfillment as a dunk tank victim, a puddle bridger who dove into puddles so that rich ladies didn’t have to step in them, a punching bag filler, and a vomit mopper at a frat house, but he couldn’t find any job that made him feel worthless enough to satisfy him, until he met Roger Furlong. Roger Furlong liked the name Robby too much and his mom once dated a guy named Will who smelled like cheese and didn’t buy him a hotdog when they went to a baseball game, causing Furlong to hate the name Will for many years. Robby legally changed his name to Will so that Roger Furlong could properly hate him.