Who Was In Both 30 Rock and Veep?

Dan Bakkedahl was in both 30 Rock and Veep. Obviously this means that Roger Furlong was taking his bratty, disappointing children on a tour of NBC in 30 Rock S1E18 when he hid from them so he could have just a nip of fresh air (Fresh Air® is a brand of gin sold in indiscreet little baggies that a parent can easily hide inside their wallet or purse and use when their hell spawn get a bit too hellish) in the dress rehearsal of an unaired roast of President Bush. He realized that politicians could say whatever they want and be as mean as they want to everyone they work with, so he quit his job as a Sunday school teacher and ran for congress in Ohio.

Who Was In Both Community and Veep?

Dan Bakkedahl was in both Community and Veep. Obviously this means that the worldwide cabal of air conditioner repair funded Roger Furlong’s campaign, even while he ran on a platform of environmental activism. Because he took money from Big Freon, now they own him, but he has to work quietly for them. In addition to surreptitiously undermining any bills that would hurt the organization, he spends time working as Vice-Vice Dean of Air Conditioning Repair at Greendale Community College and tries to recruit the best and brightest into the shadowy world where he works.