Who Was In Both Parks and Recreation and Workaholics?

Maribeth Monroe was in both Parks and Recreation and Workaholics. Obviously this means that when she isn’t fighting Adam, Blake, and Anders in Workaholics, Alice leads a double life to get two free birthday root beer floats at A&W. She goes under the name Elise Yarktin and fights sexual inequality as a women’s rights activist with the IOW. She gives Ron Swanson the Woman of the Year award in S2 E17, and then protests the Pie-Mary in Parks and Recreation S7 E9.

Who Was In Both Friends and Scrubs?

Aloma Wright was in both Friends and Scrubs. Obviously this means that before she was the no nonsense, non craptaking nurse Laverne in Scrubs, she was the manager of the store Ross bought his couch from in Friends S5 E16. She fled New York after the guy who couldn’t piVOT and fled to Sacred Heart to restart her life. She was convinced she was far away from that crazy former life but still looked over her shoulder wondering when it would come back to try to return a couch cut in half to her.

Who Was In Both Workaholics and Home Alone?

Daniel Stern was in both Workaholics and Home Alone. Obviously this means that after he got out of jail for robbing the McCallister family in Home Alone, Marv started going by his middle name, Travis, and he worked his way up the corporate ladder at TelAmeriCorp and became Alice’s boss in Workaholics S3 E13.  Strangely, after Travis travels to a TelAmeriCorp office, a home is found robbed and flooded in the area.

Who Was In Both Parks and Recreation and The Ranch?

Sam Elliot was in both Parks and Recreation and The Ranch. Obviously this means that after he lost his job when Eagleton was reabsorbed into Pawnee in Parks and Rec S6 E2 Deppelgängers and getting caught up in the great Yerba Mate vs Matcha Mate war, Ron 2 needed to get away and revinvent himself, so he traded in his Trusty Sandals for Stetson Boots, his freegan vegan quinoa for steaks and his yerba mate tea for whisky and went to Colorado to start a new life.

Who Was In Both A Knight’s Tale and Game of Thrones?

Mark Addy was in A Knight’s Tale as Roland and Game of Thrones as Robert Baratheon. Obviously this means that after Roland saw William (Heath Ledger) tear it up in Knight’s Tale, he had to flee the despicable proliferation of rock and roll in olde England, so he went to Westeros and renamed himself Robert Baratheon and used all that knighting knowledge to become king.

Who Was In Both Casino Royale and Westworld?

Jeffrey Wright was in both Casino Royale and Westworld . Obviously this means that after Felix Leiter discovered that his old friend James Bond was in fact a robot, he went into the private sector as as Bernard Lowe and used some of his CIA agent knowledge of people to become a programmer of hosts.