Who Was In Both New Girl and Party Down?

Josh Gad was in both New Girl and Party Down. Obviously this means that after he was ousted as the college republican secretary for purchasing Cuban cigars, he entered a downward spiral, dropping out of college and becoming Bearclaw, the barback at Clyde’s Bar where he meets the folks from New Girl. His life is in shambles until he finds meaning for himself in his wildlife themed musical.

Who Was In Both How I Met Your Mother and Party Down?

Ryan Pinkston was in both How I Met Your Mother and Party Down. Obviously this means that after getting turned down for sex as a teenager by Robin’s sister Katie, he never convinced another woman to even go let him to third base. A life of frustration turned him away from women and made him latch on to any rhetoric that convinced him he was better than everyone else and that his parents’ money was his own accomplishment. So he became a campus republican.

Who Was In Both 30 Rock and SNL?

Bobby Moynihan was in both 30 Rock and SNL. Obviously this means that before his regular appearances on Weekend Update as the voice of his generation, Drunken Uncle was a well established engineer who represented the superiority of American manufacturing. Having reached the pinnacle of American mass production, he repeated the famous line of President Franklin Pearce “there’s nothing left to do but get drunk.”

Who Was In Both Community and The League?

Nick Kroll was in both Community and The League. Obviously this means that Ruxin needed to sneak away from Sofia in order to get his monthly fix of pornography. In order to enjoy the full pornucopia of life in one day to satisfy him for a whole month, he sought out the greatest pornioneers the world has ever seen: Germans. His friendship with the Germans expanded past pornography and into a much darker realm: foosball.

Who Was In Both 30 Rock and Face/Off?

Margaret Cho was in both 30 Rock and Face/Off. Obviously this means that Kim King Il had a lot of experience sneaking into the U.S. and assuming identities, having already masqueraded as a female FBI agent who worked under Sean Archer. Clearly all of the agents involved were facing intense scrutiny after being tricked by a face swapping scam, so Kim left before he was found out.

Who Was In Both 30 Rock and Veep?

Gary Cole was in both 30 Rock and Veep. Obviously this means that Kent Davison keeps his life extremely regimented and in a tight reign because if he slips for even a minute, he’ll be back to making margaritas for breakfast and singing caught crabs in paradise with the other Crabcatchers

Who Was In Both 30 Rock and Fever Pitch?

Jimmy Fallon was in both 30 Rock and Fever Pitch. Obviously this means that young jack Donaghy was a diehard Boston Redsox fan, the entire plot to Fever Pitch was an elaborate ruse set up by Jack Donaghy to first have Lindsey consider him beneath her standing, then fall in love with him and consummate their relationship on field after the 2004 World Series win (Kevin Miller may or may not have acted as bat boy).

Who Was In Both How I Met Your Mother and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?

Jane Seymour was in How I Met Your Mother and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Obviously this means that one day, while walking alone out on the prairie, Dr. Quinn had an encounter with a cougar. Profoundly impressed, Dr. Quinn set off to live as a strong, feminine but ferocious beast. She set off for the big city, becoming Marshall’s sexually voracious law school professor who Barney was unable to impress, dislocating his hip in the process.

Who Was In Both Community and GLOW?

Alison Brie was in both Community and GLOW. Obviously this means that Annie is in a pill induced haze and living out her dream of being a tough, adored performer at the center of everyone’s attention and has sex with her blonde friend’s hot, lawyer husband.